Richard is a stellar person: he is honest, dedicated, thorough and possess the rare gift of being truly able to understand both people and organizations. A great person to work with and an honor to have as a friend.

Mohamed Kazem

Richard is an open and honest guy who listens to what drives you personally. Also, he is not too pushy in the recruitment process, giving room for all involved to find out if there is a real connection.

Keith Deaney

Richard is a great partner in finding a new position. He doesn't waste time asking me "where I get my energy from" or other such nonsense. Instead, he asks pointed questions and gives a clear description of his client organization and an available role. He then becomes a partner for both sides in deciding whether there is a match there.

Joost Hachmang

I have met Richard in 2014, when I just became Manager at the Inside Sales Department and was eager to develop myself further at management level. Due to Richard's broad network, he was able to put me into contact with one of his close partners with much experience in this field. Last year, this partner coached me with full statisfaction. So, another step in the right direction there. Eventhough this training has now ended, I will certainly schedule some days to visit again next year.

Pauline Schut